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North Cyprus IVF
North Cyprus In Vitro Fertilization treatment is to fertilize male and female reproductive cells in a laboratory environment to have a baby.
Cyprus gender selection (PGD)
Gender Selection (PGD) is a technique used to determine the gender of an embryo resulting from IVF treatment.

Cyprus egg donation and egg sharing
Egg Donation is a method suitable fro women who cannot produce eggs for some reason. It is based on placing the embryo which is produced by fertilizing the eggs,
Cyprus Sperm Donation
Sperm donation is an IVF method applied to men who do not have sufficient sperm count or whose sperms are not healthy enough to produce a quality embryo.
Egg , Embryo and Egg Freezing in cyprus
Today, fresh cycle eggs are fozen in the same way in outstanding centers. In our center, pregnancy rates via our egg freezing-thawing program are almost the same as in using fresh eggs

cyprus embryo donation
Embryo Donation is a method proposed for couples of which the woman could not get pregnant with her own eggs and the male has been diagnosed by a designated reason that they can only have a child with sperm donation
Microinjection (ICSI)
Depending on the number and morphological features of sperm, when fertilizing eggs with sperm, two methods are used: typical test tube baby (IVF) or microinjection (ICSI).

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD)
Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) is a reliable method which can be applied to women who have a history of unsuccessful IVF treatments, who have experienced problematic pregnancies due to genetic defects (down syndrome).
Infertility Treatment in Cyprus
iinfertility, namely barrenness, is defined as not being able to become pregnant despite having intercourse 2-3 times in a week without any protection for at least a year's time.Couples having this kind of problem are called as "infertile".
Gülgün Feyman
Gülgün Feyman and our ivf doctor.
Mürüde Çakartaş Dağdelen

infertility video on tv Our ivf specialist Gyn. Surg. Dr. M

infertility treatment video

Our video presentation about the treatment of infertility. I

North Cyprus IVF Centre

Dr Mürüde Çakartaş Dağdelen

Welcome to Cyprus IVF and Team Aphrodite. We share our home and name with the goddess of love, beauty and fertility. Qualities we hold dear and strive hard to achieve. Our clients visit from all over the world. On arrival we offer a warm Cypriot welcome. Our dedicated and highly qualified staff attend to your chosen treatment plan. Only their dedication ensures our very high success rates. Remember, our success depends on your dreams coming true. When you are ready, please contact one of our Patient Co-ordinators for further help.

It is possible, in IVF, to decide whether embryos are genetically healthy or not. Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) is a reliable method which can be applied to women who have a history of unsuccessful IVF treatments, who have experienced problematic pregnancies due to genetic defects (down syndrome) and who are at an advanced age. For couples with advanced male related conditions and a defined risk of genetic disease, PGD is applied to have a healthy pregnancy.

Fertility Specialist Gyn. Op. Dr. Mürüde Çakartaş Dağdelen


Questions ? Let Us Call You!

Best Quality Donors!

We take the utmost care to ensure that all our egg and sperm donors are healthy and suitable to be donors for our patients.

Fastest Response Time To All Your Questions

Whether you contact us via Facebook, phone, e mail or through our website, we will endeavour to answer your questions as soon as possible.

Best Ivf Team

Every member of our IVF team is completely up to date and familiar with the most modern IVF techniques. Our staff regularly undergo Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Highest Success Rates

Our IVF Centre has the highest success rates in North Cyprus. Our IVF Specialist is the only female Obstetrician/Gynaecologist certified by the TRNC Health Ministry to undertake IVF treatment. 

Our Ivf Testiminials

We have just recently returned from North Cyprus having received IVF treatment. We decided to have embryo donation following many years of being unable to conceive naturally. This was not an easy decision to make for both of us but we glad we chose Cyprus IVF Centre and Dr Murude’s team who were very professional and helpful. Thank you once again Dr Murude.

Alana D x x

I would like to thank you for all your help and support. I am now 27 weeks! I am so happy I contacted your clinic as I received amazing service from start to finish.  We couldn’t have fulfilled our dream to become parents without you. The fee is nothing compared to the happiness we have felt since the day we got that positive pregnancy test result. Alana D x x

From Grace

My family and I want to convey our gratitude to Cyprus IVF Centre. My daughter and her husband had trouble conceiving for sometime so we were recommended to Dr Murude in North Cyprus. We were all a bit apprehensive at the start as this was a different country but having spoken to the team, our nerves were put at ease and the whole process was not a stressful as we thought it was going to be. They kept in contact with us throughout and were always at hand if we had any questions. My daughter now has a beautiful daughter of her own and I have a beautiful grand-daughter. Thank you so much Cyprus IVF Centre. From Grace.


Thank you Cyprus IVF Centre for everything you have done to help us complete our family. Thanks to you we are now expecting our little boy this year, his big sister cannot wait! Plus we got a lovely holiday to Cyprus. Karen

Lorraine and Sam

We just want to say thank you to Dr Murude and her team at Cyprus IVF Centre for making all our dreams come true! After years of trying we decided to try IVF as we discovered I had PCOS. The team were so helpful from beginning to end. We will definitely recommend you to anyone else having problems. Thank you again. Lorraine and Sam


Thank you to all at Cyprus IVF Centre for all you have done to help us achieve our dream of having a baby after several unsuccessful attempts at home. We are expecting our first baby at Christmas. The best present ever for us.


We came to Cyprus IVF Centre for egg donation. Dr Murude found an egg donor physically similar to me. No-one can tell that our daughter is not my biological daughter. Thank you Dr Murude and your team.


We were nervous of having IVF treatment abroad but we really shouldn’t have been. Dr Murude and her team were friendly and welcoming. They explained everything to us and were very professional. Thank you all.


We came to Cyprus as I had a vasectomy 20 years ago and wanted to have a baby with my second wife. The clinic provided a sperm donor and we are very pleased to now have twins. The patient co-ordinator, Jayne, was very helpful and the whole team were very friendly.


The clinic was modern and used all the latest techniques. We also got help with finding nice hotel accommodation. We were collected from the airport and taken to our hotel. The clinic also arranged transport for us to get to and from the clinic. So as well as having the treatment, we also had a lovely holiday!


Dr Murude and her staff made the treatment trouble free. I sent my blood test results and the clinic posted the stimulation medication to me. We then only needed to go to Cyprus for 1 week for the egg retrieval, fertilisation and transfer. It was so easy!


Dear Jayne. Please express our heartfelt thanks to all of the team during our IVF procedure and stay in Cyprus. All the best.


Thanks so much. Dr  Murude and her team were fantastic. Jayne, the English patient co-ordinator was with us every step of the way. They did everything they promised. My wife and I now have a beautiful baby boy. Fantastic! Thanks again.

Anna M.

Special thanks to Dr. Murude to make us family. Great team and clinic!

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