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Epidural Anesthesia

3 February 2014
epidural anaesthesia

In order to understand Epidural anesthesia, one should know about pain during labour. What are the causes of labour pain? There are two main causes of pain during labour; emotional and functional causes. The causes for emotional pain are “fear and lack of knowledge”. These factors can affect the severeness of labour pain positive or negatively. Being educated and knowledgeable about labour may not end pain totally, but it helps us how to cope with it. A candidate having had such an education can resist and overcome pain much easier. The main causes for labour pain are functional ones. Uterine contractions, cervical opening, baby’s downward movement and medical intervention during labour or some of the functional causes. Neural stimulation messages in this area are sent to the brain, which is when pain is felt.

What is epidural anesthesia?

Epidural anesthesia is a type of regional anesthesia which blocks messages from a certain area of the body to be sent to the brain. It is applied by an anesthetics specialist (anesthelogist). It is the most effective way to relieve pain during labour; yet, it is not solely used for this purpose. Many major surgical operations such as C-section (below the waist line)