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Multiple Pregnancies (Multiple Birth)

6 March 2014
Multiple Birth

Throughout the human history, multiple pregnancies (multiple birth) aroused interest and mentioned in many legends. Multiple pregnancies (twins, triplets, quadruplets etc) used to be fairly uncommon. However, with the advent of IVF treatment, multiple pregnancies are becoming more commonplace.

Multiple Pregnancies (Multiple Birth) – Being pregnant with twins, triplets and more

Generally, it occurs as a consequence of many egg cell (oocyte) fertilized with same number of sprems. In this case, there are many genetically differentiated embryos. Two-thirds of these multiple pregnancies are inthis manner. Colloquially, this is called dizygotic twins (Polyzygotic or non-identical).

Sometimes a fertilized egg may be fissionable during development and a couple of embryos having same genetic characteristics may occur. This rare multiple pregnancy form (one-third) called as maternal twin (monozygotic or identical). Approximately 1% of pregnancies are multiple pregnancies. As well as being a lovely surprise, a multiple pregnancy does carry added risks and as such should be closely monitored.

Factors increasing multiple pregnancy possibility;

  • twin pregnancy in family,