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Regular Birth or Caesarean ?

2 February 2014
Norma doğum veya Sezeryan

Approaches to birth have changed greatly in time. With the discovery of “painless labour”, giving birth is no more a very painful incident in the minds of future mothers. Thanks to technological advancements, improvements in surgery techniques and equipment, decrease in anaesthetic complications, caesarean section has become more and more widespread. Today, even among doctors there is a debate about which birthing method is prevalent. The most common issue that keeps the minds of future mothers and fathers busy, especially towards the final parts of pregnancy, is how the birth should be.

Major factors that play a role in deciding whether regular or C-section birth:

  • ” The family’s (couple’s) (especially the mother’s) desire
  • ” Doctor’s decision, depending on the life quality and vitality of both the mother and the fetus whom have been in close watch during pregnancy
  • ” The approach of the institutions involved in labour

Regular (Vaginal) Birth

It is a physiological occurrence. In a few hours after labour, the mother can go back to her daily activities and breastfeed her baby in a very short time. Thus, it is stated that the emotional touch starts very early between mother and the baby and as a result the bond becomes