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Childbirth (Giving Birth)

1 February 2014

Childbirth  From the moment a couple decides to have a baby, they gradually become more and more excited at the prospect of their impending parenthood. After childbirth is over and the parents hold their precious baby in their arms, all the pain and anguish of the past is forgotten and the parents are overwhelmed with a sense of peace and happiness. Vaginal delivery is the term used when the mother gives birth to her baby naturally and without, or with minimal, medical intervention. After a 40 week gestational period the baby is delivered through the birth canal (vagina). The placenta and membranes are also delivered this way. Pregnancy in humans lasts for 280 days but only 5 percent of all babies are born on the expected delivery date. Most women give birth one week before the expected date of delivery.  


Childbirth starts with the onset of regular uterine contractions, which the expectant mother can experience as pain. This is commonly called “labour”. Normal completion of birth depends on three main factors. These can be classified as factors related to the uterus, the baby and the bone structure of mother. These three factors;

  • * Powers (contractions)
  • * Passageway (birth canal)
  • * Passenger (baby)


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