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Endometriosis Symptoms and Treatments

7 June 2014

Endometriosis is a peculiar cell layer lining within the uterus, named as ‘endometrium’, of which is built-up after end of menstruation to provide an environment for pregnancy, and in the case of non-pregnancy it is discharged as a menstrual bleeding due to lack of sufficient hormonal support. This cell layer is located only inside of the uterus. Presence of these cells elsewhere than uterus is defined as “endometriosis” disease. This instance is frequently seen in ovaries, rectouterine excavation (pouch of Douglas), between outer surfaces of the uterus or intestines, on the intestines, over or around the tubes or over cervical ligaments and bladder, or surfaces of peritoneum. Endometriosis focuses experience same changes which hormones causes throughout menstrual period and bleeding and discharge will seen in these cells during this menstrual period. Inflammatory defensive cells oriented towards restraining the bleeding within ventral cavity will surround the endometriosis focuses. A process causes by inflammation will begin in this area. During recovery, cohesions will occur in surrounding cells and this continues repetitively in every menstrual period. Many factors such as transportation of egg within endometriosis tubes, defect in fertilization function, nidation of fertilized em