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What is Menopause ? How Menopause Occurs ?

24 August 2014

The exact definition is the end of menstruation and “the age of menopause” refers to the time a woman has ovulation for the last time. The Menopause In women, the end of the period owing to menopause is a sign that the ovaries have lost their function and hormones are not produced any longer. Contrary to common belief, it is the end of functioning of the ovaries not the uterus. Hormone and egg (oocyte) production cannot be done in the ovaries. Due to insufficient estrogen and progesterone hormone production, ovulation (menstruation) does not take place.

What is the average age for menopause?

While 50 is the generally accepted average for it, ages 45-50 are accepted as normal. Although there are many causes that determine the start of menopause, the most important causes are genetic factors. Additionally, excessive smoking might also lead to early menopause.

What are Premenopause and Postmenopause?

The time period right before the end of menstruation is called “premenopause” and the period afterwards is called “postmenopause”.

What is climacterium (perimenopause)?

Climacterium”” refers to a period which covers both premenopause and postmenopause periods, and