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Repetitive pregnancy loss

16 June 2014
Repeatitive Pregnancy Loss

Repetitive pregnancy loss , or “habitual abortion” in medical literature, is a condition in which there are at least two consequent spontaneous miscarriages during the first 3 months of pregnancy. Approximately, 2% of couples have this problem. The diagnosis and treatment of this condition is one of the hardest subjects for reproductive medicine. Miscarriage (abortion) is the most common complication of pregnancy. Actually, sometimes women may experience miscarriages accompanying menstrual bleeding without even noticing that they have been pregnant; “missed miscarriage”. Thus, not every fertilization results in a healthy pregnancy. Sometimes there is fertilization, however, the fertilized material doesn’t implant (attach) inside the womb and it is discharged during menstrual bleeding. This condition can only be noticed by pregnancy tests. We call it “chemical pregnancy”.

Causes of Recurrent Miscarriages

  • 1. Structural malfunctions of the uterus and cervix insufficiency
  • 2. Hormonal (endocrine) conditions
  • 3. Infections
  • 4. Chromosome disorders
  • 5. Autoimmune diseases
  • 6. Environmental and other factors
1. Structural malfunctions of the uterus and cervix insufficiency