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Labiaplasty Operation and Costs

9 August 2014
Labiaplasty - Labioplasty


Today, women pay attention to their outer look and beauty in all aspects; they do not refrain from surgical procedures which may help them feel more comfortable and content. In recent years, the main purpose, usually, in having a genital cosmetic surgery is to get rid of possible undesired structural deformations due to enlargening of the vaginal area after giving birth and to feel good mentally. For some women, having asymmetrical or large (aka elephant ears) labia minor (inner vaginal lips) by birth, can lead to some psychological and functional issues. In addition to permanent elongated labia minora in the vaginal area, another issue leading to discontent is “Episiotomy” that is a surgical incision during labor. Excessive scar tissue, which develops around the incision area while healing, might prevent both the male and female partners from having satisfaction and it may turn an intercouse into a painful experience for women. Besides, prolapse of the urinary bladder and rectum (the last section of the intestines before the anus) may cause functional problems regarding intercourse and it might lead to pathological conditions such as incontinence. In severe prolapses there might even be “Prolapsus Uteri” (prolapse of the uterus. In additon to all these physical issues, many women are discontent with

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