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Ovarian Cysts and Treatments

13 August 2014
Ovarian Cysts

Ovarian Cysts

What is a cyst?

In brief cyst is the general name given to tiny sacs filled with fluid. They are separated from the tissue they form on by a layer called “cyst wall”. They can be, simply, classified into two; benign (dysfunctional) and cancerous (neoplastic) cysts. Most women may encounter cysts in their ovaries in some part of their lives. Cysts in the ovaries do not usually show any symptoms but are recognized during routine gynaecological examination. Ovaries house a variety of different cells in their system due to their embryologic origins. That’s why they are different than all other organs of the body. Another important feature of the ovaries is the fact that they are responsive to hormonal effects. Depending on different hormones, ovaries may become larger or turn into forming cysts.

How do cysts form?

No cell in our body is permanent. While some cells die, others are produced. And all cells produce a variety and amount of fluids. When this fluid, produced in the cells, is more than the amount absorbed, an accumulation of this fluid occurs between the tissues. This abnormal accumulation of excess fluid between tissues is called “oedema/oedema”. These form as swellings in different parts of the body. If thi