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Nutrition During Pregnancy

16 September 2014
Nutrition During Pregnancy

Nutrition During Pregnancy You should have frequent but small servings of meals during pregnancy. You should neither stay hungry for long nor get full up when you eat.

Eating Well During Pregnancy

Make sure you consume fresh food. Try to consume fresh and natural food instead of canned foods and food containing preservatives. Eat a variety of foods. That way, your body will receive as many different vitamins and minerals as possible. Instrad of consuming too fatty, sweet, spicy and calorie rich foods, try to eat food that is rich in protein and carbohydrate and low in fat. Remember that it is not the weight you gain which is important but the proper and sufficient nutrition of the baby inside. Although synthetic multivitamin pills can be used as support for those who cannot have a balanced diet, they can never replace natural food. According to the results of “toxoplasmosis tests”, if your body has never encountered this parasite before, some precautions should be taken. This condition, which especially is caught through cat and dog discharge, might become fatal for the baby or might cause disabililty if it present during pregnancy. Toxoplasma infection might occur especially when fruit and vegatables are not washed thoroughly and when meat is not cooked well. Consume a l