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Pregnancy Follow Up

11 September 2014
Pregnancy Follow Up

Pregnancy Follow Up

A to Z of Pregnancy Assessment and Observation and Laboratory Tests; Ideally, a woman should see a gynaecologist and have an examination before pregnancy. However, unfortunately, very few women see us, specialists, before pregnancy.

Yet, what needs to be done during pregnancy is listed below on a weekly basis


Pregnancy Follow Up Week by Week

First visit: 6-8 weeks

First of all, pregnancy is diagnosed via ? -HCG or urine pregnancy tests. On their first pregnancy visit candidate mothers go through a check-up.

  • o Ultrasound (preferably transvaginal)
  • o Blood type, Rh
  • o Full blood count
  • o Blood biochemistry
  • o TORCH screen
  • o Full urine test, urine culture – antibiogram (if required)
  • o Cervicovaginal smear test (PAP smear test)
  • o Bleeding profile
  • o Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, AIDS (HIV) tests

Second visit: 10-13 weeks

  • o Nuchal Translucency (NT)
  • o I. Trimester screening

Third visit: 16-18 weeks

  • o Ultrasound (anomaly screening)

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