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What is Premature Birth ? (Preterm birth)

26 September 2014
Premature Birth

Premature Birth

If the baby is born between the 20th and 37th weeks of pregnancy, when the baby is not fully developed yet, this is called premature birth. Labour pains before the 37thweek of pregnancy are also stated as threats for premature birth. About 10% of all new born babies are hasty. They are called premature babies. The most important complication for premature babies is that they face breathing problems due to underdevelopment of their lungs. Additionally, the earlier the birth takes place the higher the chances of risk regarding possible issues regarding the central nervous system.Prematurity is the most common cause of death regarding new born babies. The risk decreases with each passing week of pregnancy. In recent years, there have been immense improvements in premature baby treatments and even very early premature babies have more chances of surviving. However, regarding some specific conditions in our country, premature birth still poses some problems. Moreover, care and medical treatment of such babies against possible complications cost a considerably high.

What are the causes of premature birth?

Nearly half of premature births do not have a specific cause. Regarding the other half, some condit

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