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Sexual Anorexia Treatment

1 August 2014
Sexual Anorexia

Sexual Anorexia

Classification of Women’s Sexual Dysfunctions (according to DSM-IV diagnosis criteria)

  • 1) Sexual Desire Disorders
       1a) Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorders
       1b) Sexual Repulsion
  • 2) Sexual Arousal Disorder
  • 3) Orgasm Disorders
  • 4) Sexual Pain Disorders

4a) Dyspareunia (pain in intercourse) 4b) Vaginismus Sexual desire is the urge in men and women to have intercourse his/her sexual partner. Sexual desire is an important matter in terms of sexual health. Sexually explicit dreaming, fantasising. Interest in erotic materials often accompanies the urge to have intercourse a the partner. Sexual desire can also be aroused as a result of auditory, visual, olfactory, tactile, gustative perception. Sexual desire and urge can be found in any human being who is physical healthy and free of any hormonal disorder. Sexual Anorexia is a pathological loss of “appetite” for romantic/sexual interaction, often the result of a fear of intimacy to the point that the person has severe anxiety surrounding sexual activity and emotional aspects. Sexual anorexia could be defined as lack or non-existence long-term sexual fantasies and urge for sexual activity. Sexual anorexia classified into two i