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Vaginismus Treatment – How Vaginismus Occurs ?

30 June 2014

Vaginismus can be treated totally today. Moreover, the treatment takes only a few days not months or years as it used to be. Vagina is the female sexual organ. Vaginismus is when vaginal muscles (especially Pubococcocygeus (PC) muscles) contract involuntarily causing spasms in the vaginal area during intercourse, which prevents sexual penetration or makes it too difficult. You’re not alone!.. Vaginismus is a common sexual problem world-wide known to gynaecologists and mental health specialists. In our country, every 2 out of 10 women experience problems regarding sexual intercourse with their partners.

How do involuntary spasms occur?

Vaginismus patients do not only have spasms around the entrance of the vagina but also in other muscles of the body such as the ones in the abdomen, back, waist and legs. Thus, these people may experience strong muscle pain the following day of the intercourse. The wider the range of muscle pain, the stronger the condition of vaginismus. In some patients, spasms occur only in the vagina not on other parts of the body and this makes sexual intercourse impossible. Moreover, these spasms, usually, are not noticed by the patient herself but her partner. Partners encountering such spasms,